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Inside with Carol
News Room
Hello & Welcome to the Newsroom!

As you know, Inside with Carol is about acknowledgement and recognition. Its about helping, educating, connecting professionals with customers, patients and clients and connecting us all for better care, to better products, to people and businesses we can know like and trust. 

Also, for all of us on the giving and/or receiving end,  to be able to make better and more informed decisions because of these connections and what we learn and experience from hearing first hand from these med prof, business owners, leaders, authorities, high character and heart centered professionals and people who stand out above the rest. 

Part of that process involves interviewing those who are recognized via various forms of New Media such as: News Releases, Photo Essays, Making Someone a best selling author, interviews for print, magazines, audio, video, live streaming, web TV and more.

The 3rd party recognition that comes from the visibility, exposure, subject matter, conversations and education of addressing problems and solutions makes this all a win-win.

  • Get the Clout
  • Get the Recognition
  • Get the Vast Visibility and Exposure
  • Stand out among your peers
  • Be recognized by your peers
  • Be Called for other interviews 
  • Be Established as an Expert in your field
  • Create a strong brand
Know that you are helping 1000's because your story, your why, who you are, what you do, why you stand out above the rest will touch and help others and that is the bottom line. 

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