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Inside with Carol

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Have your own "Ask The Expert" pocket sized book. 
Have a Chapter in One of the Multi Author Books that get Published several times per year on Amazon and establishes you as a Best Selling Author or, of course, have your own book published! 

We will also assist in setting up your Author Central Page and more. 
Be Featured in Our Very Own TPOP ( The Power of Positioning TM ) Magazine 
Countless Possibilities for News Releases. 
These are Educationally based, making them 
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Carol A Santella is a Right Hand Advisor and Consultant to Business Professionals; is a Best Selling Author, Health Consultant, Strategist and Publicist. Carol is also a Radio Show Host for Business Innovators Radio, Host and Founder of Inside with Carol covering Innovators and Trendsetting Influencers in the Fields of Business, Health and Wellness, Medicine, Leadership and Animal Related Industries. Carol is also a Contributing Writer for Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters, Today, Buzzfeed and TED; the Founder of the Health and Wellness Leaders and Influencers Group; is world renowned for her Acknowledgment and Recognition Model© of those who stand out above the rest and assisting them with The Power of Positioning™. Carol is the founder and operator of The Listener Network™ which now encompasses her health, communications, publishing and business consulting work.
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Below is an example of a Special Edition or Series that can be used for multi practitioner offices, groups or practices . 
Each one has their own interview, done in Q and A style to make the process even easier and it can be a unified theme 
with individual topics per practitioner, of course, or no theme and just representing your Center or muti practitioner practice.  
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Click on the pictures below to read some of the individual Chapters by felllow Innovators via Flipbook ! 
Judi Juliano 
De-Stressing Made Easy 
Renee Swasey Massage is a Necessity, 
Not Just A Luxury
Christina Arnold Receives 
Regional Certification JCA
Christina Arnold  
Living Essentially Strong
Knowing Your Numbers is Vital 
When Buying and Selling a Home
Rebecca Troup 
The Power of One Decision