Will you be my next interview or the next exceptional person or business that gets applauded and recognized for your character, work, trade, expertise, business or for just being You? 
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Through Educational Style Interviews
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Inside with Carol 
Hello & Welcome to Inside with Carol.
What is Inside with Carol All About :-) ? 

I find people's hearts are key in life and in business and I love to help those hearts be best expressed so a difference in someone else's life and profession prospers. 
I appreciate individuals, professionals and business owners who have a heart and whose heart can be seen in how they treat others both personally and professionally. These are who I do business with, acknowledge and interview in varying New Media formats.

People, businesses, products and yes, animals, who stand out above the rest are applauded and recognized in our Applause Spotlight of the Month and Applause For You Sections of the site. 

In interviews and in those given a high 5, hearts, passion, talents and messages are shared so that our viewers and listeners can be part of "inside" stories; of problems and solutions, be educated and helped. 

The Interviews, be it for print, radio or video are truly a way to get to know a person, a business owner, their "why," and the phenomenal intelligence and abilities of many species of animals and those who we are so blessed to have that take good care of them or save them from injury and abuse.  

The variety of New Media used within this site are one way in which I assist in these messages & unique abilities being seen, heard and found. 

Further expansion of this work and its benefits, known as The Power of Positioning    , can be best seen at: www.interviewstofame.com :-) 
Through Interviewing & Recognition
Inside with Carol is about:
  • Being able to applaud someone. 
  • Thank someone.
  • Appreciating and acknowledging others and animals.
  • It’s about sharing and caring and giving back.
  • It’s about being in someone else’s shoes vs criticizing, making assumptions or condemning.
  • It’s about asking, listening and assisting.
  • It’s about being able to positively touch someone’s life.

  • It's about us all respecting and treating each other and animals well.
  • It's about education, visibility, credibility, exposure 
  • So that business professionals and every client, customer and patient can be reached, helped and have the best care experience.
  • It's about getting clarity, guidance and the means to get your service, message and help out to many.
  • It's about being educators and advocates for the health, well being and success of same :-)
How are these accomplished ?
Through New Media : News Releases | Audio | Video | Syndication | Magazine Article Submissions |Book Publishing | Making an Author a Published Best Selling Author all without writing a word. 
How Can I Help You ?
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