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Hello and Welcome to Our Applause Spotlight Page
where those who stand out above the rest are applauded and recognized. 
Our world has become very touched and loved deprived and it seems simple "thank you's, you're welcome or you did a great job" have become far and few between or ever spoken. 

There are many exceptional people, places, mentors and animals that need to be applauded and recognized and this site is a way to do just that :-) . Be sure to visit our "interviews" page to hear and see those who've taken the next step and been interviewed about their businesses, selves, expertise and services to you. 

It's all about educating, helping and being advocates for the success and well being of all! 

                                                     So kudos to Everyone and Enjoy!!!     

Its about being able to applaud someone, thank someone, appreciate and acknowledge them. It's about sharing & caring & giving back. It's about being in someone else's shoes vs criticizing, making assumptions or condemning. It's about asking, listening & assisting. It's about being able to positively touch someone's life! Also,if in business, it's to have the business owner (who better) speak their message to the world while a business experiences tremendous growth because their "story, their message, their why" has made a great impact and has reached those seeking help and better situations in their lives. 
     This Month's High 5 Spotlights :-) 
Our Overall Best  Business Mentor High 5 goes to:
Mr Wesley J Harrison founder of 
Elite Coaching and Offline Experts Academy. 
Wes is an Expert Marketer and Ecommerce Solutions Specialist
The Organization of the Month goes to : 
Hope for Paws
                  Christine from Pawsch Pooches Mobile Canine Spa

I wish I had a picture of this very special woman. Christine took excellent Care of Rocky, our little Papillion, in his 12 years of life with us. Christine has a very good nature. Her love, tenderness, expertise and professionalism show with every visit and grooming. An extra High 5 for the convenience of Pawsch Pooches being Mobile – grooming of our pets right at our door.

Rocky loved Christine very much. He always looked so handsome (and adorable) after his great treatments & grooming by Christine!

Excellent Dog Groomer : Pausch Pooches Comes to Your Door 
Scroll down to see the Spotlights of the Month :-) 
Adam from Aqua Filter Fresh
Donatelli's Italian Food Center
Christine from Pawsch Pooches 
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Exceptional Animals of the Month Go To: 
Exceptional Intelligence, Hearts & Energy of Animals 
The Best Food Item of the Month Goes To:
Our Business Mentor High 5 this month goes to:
Stop Sleep Apnea Now
Our Top Inspirational High 5 this month goes to:
Tc Bradley 
Steve Rosenbaum
Health Videos of the Month Go To: 
The Benefits of Lying On Your Left Side 
The Best Service Professional of the Month goes to :
Top Business Award Goes To: 
Gary Gravener